Journal #5 Cento poem

The sun shall glory,
on a March morning,
bright and early.
The round, turning world.

Nights I turn to you to hold me
between my finger and my thumb,
I dream you into being.
The illustration,
your anatomy.

All of this
happening in a time
no older
than your last
Another, and another,
until what’s left
are not very pure or true
But I’m no angel

(Sources: Seamus Heaney, Simone Muench, Paul Muldoon, Richard Wilbur, Marianne Moore, Philip Stephens, Marcus Wicker, Paisley Rekdal, Sylvia Plath, Louise Gluck)

Journal #4

The cows stand under the trees
in the wet grass
lifting their necks to pull leaves down.

We slow the truck
pull over to the side of the road
to watch them.

How graceful they look
how unlike themselves.
We get out and lean on the fence
The cows don’t seem to notice
we are there.

I chose to break the lines at the parts of the poem where different
actions or observations were taking place. I followed the natural
process of taking in information and applied it to my line breaks. By separating the last line at “we are there” it adds more depth to the onlookers presence than just leaving it a part of the same line. This emphasis can change the tone of the poem, and I liked that.

Journal #3

His voice
my ears,
like a needle
Sharp, stabbing, speech.

I did what I had to,
he yelled

The giant metal cage turned on its side.
The seat belt wrapped around his

Her eyes misted over like
Her tears tore trails,
down her cheeks.

You didn’t have to do it,
she sobbed,

A deer swooshes past the
Running unbroken, uninjured, unabated.

The little boy in the backseat
Stationary, stone cold, saclike.

Journal #2

  1. Bushnell Hall.
  2. Belly laughter erupting from across the hall.
  3. My foot caches on the door frame and I tumbled down.
  4. “People who have positive relations have warm, satisfying, and trusting interactions with others and are capable of empathy and intimacy.”
  5. Like a balloon filled with too much air, I am about to pop.
  6. All he wants to do is bone.
  7. Who knew he would haunt me.
  8. “I wish I wasn’t so stupid in high school.”
  9. I want to change my life.
  10. I wish I could stay in bed forever.
  11. Molly the cat racing through the house after using the litter box.
  12. “Bone broth, good enough to drink!”
  13. It’s lit.
  14. A hair slips into my mouth, I can’t get it out, do I swallow it?
  15. Now he never wants to bone.
  16. Why do lovers always take so long to say goodbye?
  17. A rusty toolbox shoved in the corner of the dusty garage.
  18. My uncle got a job that pays the bills so now he doesn’t have to sell pot.
  19. I’m a pot of water sitting on a stove, about to boil over.
  20. I can’t stop hoping he’ll change.
  21. My elbow became my greatest defense weapon.
  22. Highway, Jeep, mountain.
  23. Charlie Chapman’s mustache always freaked me out.
  24. The red brick is at least a hundred years old, with large windows, and five stories.
  25. Knock it off!

Journal 1

Taste: Vanilla, Honey, Chocolate, crispy, Juicy, Bittersweet, Chalky, Dry, Winter mint, Buttery, Hot, Nutty, Pumpkin, Green Apple, Americano

Touch: Fur, yarn, metal, sharp, wet, dough, smooth, bumpy, coarse, satin, wood grain, breeze, hair, scaly, slimy.

Smell: Burnt, lavender, honeysuckle, garlic, peony, sweat, skunk, plastic, smokey, powder, tobacco, grease, gasoline, metal, paint

Hearing: alarm, snore, laugh, moving water, footsteps, clicking, ringing, voices, turning pages, screech, roar, purr, engine starting, slurp, sneeze

Sight: Lightning, milkshake, socks, smiling mouth, grass, carpet, belt, pillow, cell phone, chair, desk, road, school, laptop, dog

Action/Motion: Flick, stretch, hug, exhale, back up, blink, swallow, crouch, crack knuckles, lean

Abstraction: faith, fear, joy

Anything Else: Saturday, Sophia, Shop, Mac, Sephora, Molly, Daisies